We pioneered alternative credit and continue to lead today.

PRBC was founded in 2005 as a pioneer in alternative credit data. PRBC was then acquired by MicroBilt, a 30-year leader in lending and risk management for businesses. By combining PRBC’s deep data with MicroBilt’s expertise in risk assessment, PRBC became better still.

A number of companies have since gotten into the alternative credit space, but none have the deep history, extensive experience or wealth of data that we do. Here are some distinct advantages of working with PRBC.

Unmatched Experience

PRBC was the first consumer reporting agency to include nontraditional credit data such as utility, rent, subscription and phone payments in the credit scoring process.

We’ve built the world’s largest alternative credit database and continue to pioneer the use of alternative credit data to produce reliable credit scores for the millions of people who aren’t served by the traditional credit marketplace.

An Exceptionally Useful Report

The PRBC Consumer Report analyzes a consumer traditional and non-traditional credit data presenting a more accurate assessment of their financial standing. In addition to providing helpful information for originations, the details provided by this report help protect you against fraud by better verifying an applicant’s identity though additional tradelines.

A PRBC Score on a scale of 100 - 850.
Eviction, lien, judgment and bankruptcy records.
Alternative credit trade lines (rent, short term loans, utilities, etc.)
Real property ownership.
Positive and negative retail bank transaction items.
Identity verification details.
Bank account closures.

A secure, reliable service.

PRBC sits on MicroBilt’s rock-solid infrastructure. With 99.99% uptime and bank-grade data encryption technology PRBC protects both consumers and the companies doing business with them.

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