How PRBC Alternative Credit works

PRBC alternative credit measures consumer payment habits and generates a score similar to a traditional credit rating.

750 Excellent!

Using a scale of 100 to 850, the credit score incorporates information other consumer reporting agencies neglect to collect for their own scores.

There are many benefits to using alternative credit data. First, it gives underbanked customers the opportunity to prove they can pay back loans, even if their traditional credit scores may suggest otherwise. Second, it enables you to provide better service to individuals who may have no credit, thin-file reports or credit scores that are better than they seem.

How to use alternative credit data

Using PRBC's alternative credit report is really simple. Suppose an underbanked individual submits an application for a loan. After running a credit check, you discover the person has a low credit score. Instead of ending the relationship there, you can append a traditional score with a PRBC score or pull a PRBC Report on its own.

The customer signs up for our services to receive an alternative credit report from
Through this service, he can connect his utility, internet and other accounts via a secure portal.
This provides PRBC with information such as account balances, transactions and payments history.

Once PRBC calculates the customer's credit score, you receive his new report and other applicable notifications. The score enables you to confirm whether or not he is fiscally responsible.

Receiving PRBC Credit data

Approximately 8,500 organizations use PRBC Main Street to look up their customers' nontraditional credit scores. There are two ways you can join them:

  • Submit an application to use PRBC Credit Builder directly through the online portal. Once we approve your application, we will send links to customers of your choice through email and/or SMS. After clicking the links, your customers will be directed to the PRBC login to receive an alternative credit score.
  • You can also access consumer credit data via our API. This program establishes a protected link between our solution and your website. All you have to do is call the PRBC Credit Builder Web Service API to get the necessary token.

Acquiring the information you need to make educated decisions regarding your customers shouldn't be a hassle. Regardless of the one you choose, you'll receive frequent notifications of your customers' creditworthiness.

Running a smarter, growing business

PRBC Main Street's services are not only easy to use, but also let you better identify borrowers and lessees. While traditional credit scores often misrepresent people's financial situations, our alternative credit score delivers the whole picture. If you want to learn more about how you can use alternative credit data, speak with a representative today.