Frequently Asked Questions

How does a PRBC alternative credit score work? Is it like a regular credit score?

The PRBC alternative credit score provides a number on the same scale as a traditional credit score (up to 850). The number has the same meaning as a traditional score in terms of how much risk is carried. So a borrower with a PRBC Score of 650 carries the same risk as a traditional credit score of 650.

Are alternative credit scores reliable?

Studies show a strong correlation between alternative trade line history and risk. Rent, utilities, prepaid credit/debit history and short-term lending history are all statistically proven to predict credit worthiness, which is why alternative credit data is a fast growing category in business today.

What is included in a PRBC credit report?

A PRBC credit report includes data that can be specifically tailored to the credit you offer. The report also offers important payment and contact information including payment history, bank account data, public records, property records, address and phone number.

How is PRBC’s alternative credit score different from others?

PRBC was the first and remains the largest alternative credit bureau in the World. No other entity offers the depth of alternative data available through PRBC.

Are PRBC reports available to all businesses and industries?

Many, but not all. Some highly regulated industries like the healthcare and medical are excluded as are home-based businesses and employment-screening.

Who is MicroBilt and why are they mentioned with PRBC?

MicroBilt is the parent company of PRBC and a long standing leader in credit, risk and data services. You can learn more about MicroBilt at www.microbilt.com

To accept PRBC scores, do I need an account with MicroBilt?

Yes. PRBC is an exclusive service offering from MicroBilt and a MicroBilt account is required. Our friendly customer service staff will help you get set up. Once your account is ready, you’ll be able to use PRBC as often as you like. You’ll also have access to the whole suite of business data and risk management services MicroBilt offers its other clients.

How much does a PRBC report cost?

PRBC credit reports vary in cost, but are at most a couple of dollars. And with PRBC there are no monthly minimums, you pay only for what you need.

How will customers know that my business uses PRBC?

PRBC Main Street affiliated businesses will be listed and searchable on our consumer website. In addition, PRBC Main Street offers a free Welcome Kit which includes a window sticker, counter card and badge for your website. Visit our Welcome Kit page to place your order.

What businesses are already using PRBC?

There are currently thousands of businesses using PRBC in the United States today. These businesses include furniture stores, auto dealerships, banks, landlords and short-term lenders.

What if I have another question?

PRBC service representatives are standing by to answer any additional questions you have. You can email them now.

What does PRBC mean?

PRBC – Payment Reporting Builds Credit. We started this idea back in 2005 and are the largest non-traditional Credit Reporting Agency in the World.

Why is PRBC better than anything else like it?

wait until the consumer created an account and then charge them to verify the bills.
Convenience is the other big reason people love PRBC. We verify your bills electronically

Does PRBC have anything to do with TransUnion, Equifax or Experian?

No, PRBC is a Credit Reporting Agency registered with the CFPB and operates under the FCRA just like those companies but uses “non-traditional information” (utility, mobile phone, and other bills) to build your score. PRBC does not affect the reports of these other companies.