PRBC is comprised of two parts that are
closely integrated into a single solution.

PRBC Mainstreet for businesses.

For companies like yours, there’s PRBC Mainstreet. Here you can sign up to get access to PRBC alternative credit. Businesses already understand that there are many advantages to PRBC and use it to find credit-worthy customers that might otherwise miss.

PRBC Credit Builder for consumers.

For consumers there’s PRBC.com and the PRBC Credit Builder platform. PRBC Credit Builder is where customers go to connect their regular payment accounts. PRBC then monitors those accounts to establish that individual’s payment history. This information is combined with PRBC’s proprietary alternative data database and scoring algorithm to generate a PRBC Alternative Credit Score for the consumer.

We’ve made using PRBC easy.

The PRBC Credit Builder platform allows lenders to access customer alternative credit data.

Once your account is created you can access PRBC alternative credit data scoring in one of two ways.

Just like a traditional credit score - but more informative.

Using a scale of 100 to 850, a PRBC alternative credit score incorporates information traditional consumer reporting agencies don’t consider in their scores. PRBC alternative credit measures a consumer’s regular bill payment habits generating a score on a similar scale to traditional credit, and with the same meaning. For example, in terms of likelihood to repay a debt, a 600 alternative credit score has the same meaning as a 600 traditional credit score.

  • rent
  • Electricity
  • car insurance
  • cell phone
  • auto loan
  • subscriptions

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